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    Dance Central 2 helped me get my groove back

    I had lost my groove. My mojo. My swagger. I felt uncomfortable in my own body. Surrounded by images of what media deems as pretty it’s hard to not let it get to you. The constant reminder that your dress size seems to be directly related to your personal success. Back when MTV used to show music videos, my cousin and I would memorize every move. We’d put on performances for our parents. Thank goodness YouTube wasn’t around then. I danced Thriller before flash mobs made it popular to do, and knew every step in Rhythm Nation. In Junior High and High School, I loved going to the dances. Working up a sweat showing off the latest moves, like Hammer Time and the running man. It may have been funny looking at times, but it was fun. I danced without inhibition or fear. In High School I joined Dance Guard

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