Grandmother reenacts part of ‘Super 8’ in Yoostar 2, wins $50,000

Cynthia Bell of Charlotte, NC just won $50,000 for her recreation of a scene from this summer’s hit film Super 8, How? She took part in Yoostar’s “Acting with the Stars” contest using Kinect and Yoostar 2.

The eight-week contest ran this summer and allowed participants to recreate and reinterpret scenes from summer movies like the aforementioned Super 8 as well as Kung Fy Panda 2 and Bridesmaids, among others. Each week, a new scene became available to perform, and the best clips made it to a judging phase where the top performer won $1,000.

Bell’s clip made it on to the finals, where it was judged the best and won the contest’s grand prize.

“My whole family loves to perform and be creative and Yoostar gives us the opportunity to do both in a very cool and fun way,” said Bell. “Many thanks to Yoostar for a great game and wonderful prize!”

Nicholas Reichenbach, Chief Content Officer, Yoostar Entertainment Group added, “Cynthia did an amazing job reimagining the scene and delivering a fun performance. It’s contributions like this that make Yoostar Social an incredibly fun place to view, share, rate and award user-generated content created in the Yoostar universe.”

To watch Cynthia’s performance, go here. It is actually pretty hilarious, so you definitely want to check it out.