Humble Indie Bundle 4 raises over $2.25 million

The fourth Humble Indie Bundle has managed to earn $2.25 million — for this particular collection of great indie games, though, that’s not really much of a surprise.

For those looking to get in on this deal, paying more than the minimum (currently $5.36) gets you the games in Humble Indie Bundle 4 (Super Meat Boy, Bit.Trip Runner, Jamestown, Nightsky and Shank), two more additions (Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles) and everything that came with Humble Indie Bundle 3 — probably the most amazing deal in gaming (ever?). And heck, they’ve even tossed in the soundtracks to the games.

As always, you can split your donations to the charities supported, the developers or even the Humble Indie crew themselves, since they’ve got to keep the website running somehow.