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  • 24Jan

    Origin adds downloads from publishers that…well, aren’t EA

    Electronic Arts announced today that they’re adding games to their Origin platform from publishers other than themselves. That’s an important step for the service to take if they ever want people to take it seriously (or as less of an annoyance), for sure.

    The first game to be added is Trion Worlds’ MMO Rift. Other titles are coming from ten more publishers (Robot Entertainment, CD PROJEKT RED, Freebird Games, Recoil Games, Autumn Games, 1C Company, inXile entertainment, Paradox Interactive, Core Learning Ltd. and N3V Games) in the coming months.

    “Origin is focused on providing choice to consumers and the games they play,” said Craig Rechenmacher, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for Origin at EA. “From blockbuster franchises to high-quality independent titles, we’re bringing the industry’s best content to one place. We’re excited to welcome new partners and a diverse new line-up of titles to Origin today.”

    If you’re interested in finding out when these titles will be added, Origin’s official website is the place to go.


@shamusyoung Can you post an Experienced Points about how Dragon Age 2 needs to go back for sale on Steam, preferably for cheap?


@shamusyoung Congrats. I'm a big fan. You consistently talk sense. Glad to see that people occasionally listen...