Review: Batgirl (of the New 52)

When DC released the new 52, I sadly missed out on all of them. This is because my comic book store couldn’t get their stuff together to get my pull list filed. Email after email I watched as I missed out on all the issues. I read about the roar of the new 52 and decided that maybe it was for the better that I missed out. I would have been too upset to give DC another dollar after reading about how some of my favorite characters turned out. But in that, I almost missed out on one of the best stories I have read.

This weekend I picked up Batgirl Issues 1-4 from the New 52. The art is amazing and the writing even better. This is what excites me about comic books. The story focuses on Barbara Gordon as she gets back into the Batgirl gear after just gaining control of her legs again.

She is vulnerable, yet strong. She’s inspiring and passionate. It’s interesting. One thing most people point out about Marvel characters is how close to humans they feel. They are vulnerable and definitely are not perfect. It feels like Barbara Gordan as Batgirl has this. During the first few issues we see her human side. We see her emotional as she cannot save an accident from happening. There is a great exchange between her and Nightwing that made me grin. Again more humanizing, more emotion.

One of the larger issues with the New 52 has been how women are being portrayed. Female comic books fans have felt insulted and ignored by DC. But that issue never comes near Batgirl. As Barbara Gordon she wears normal clothes that cover her nicely. She goes on a date and looks great (not slutty). When she interacts with Nightwing, she is strong and flirtatious again not slutty. Batgirl appeals to readers by being smart and strong.

The Batgirl series is one of the best comic book series I have read in a long time. I shouldn’t be surprised since Gail Simone is at the helm but I am. This series has re-invigorated my love for comics and I can’t wait to read more Batgirl.


I am still sad about the demise of Oracle, but at least this is well done...