‘Flight of the Fireflies’ meanders to the iPad

Remember Flower, the serene game for the PS3, where you drifted through the game being calmed by the soft music? Flight of the Fireflies is almost like that.

Wooly Robot, a Swedish game studio, has created an iPad game where you guide fireflies with your finger. Each lit bug has its own note and creates the music as you collect more fireflies.

The game is great for mobile trips where killing time and distressing is needed. Flight of the Fireflies is all about the experience the game gives you. It may not be what some people think as a traditional game, but Jonathan Hise Kaldma, the game designer, doesn’t care.

“I call it a game, since it comes from that tradition. But I know some people wont think it’s a game since you can’t really win or lose,” said Hise Kaldma. “I don’t really care if people call it ‘interactive art’ or something else instead. As long as they don’t think it’s inaccessible or hard to understand, because it’s not. Anyone with an open mind can enjoy it.”


This game should be on the iPhone/iPod Touch too. I downloaded a $4 game on the iPad and weeks later, it crashed. I'm not going to bother downloading any game on that device again. And this game should be less than $2-3. Any higher than that it's overpriced.