‘Steel Battalion Heavy Armor’ Makes Kinect Hardcore

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor uses Kinect controls to tell the story of Lt. Powers and his platoon. Players create relationships with the battalion and wreak havoc on the enemy.

Exclusively for the Xbox 360, players can expect Steel Battalion Heavy Armor June 19.

The game is set in 2082, but with little tech, wars are won with rudimentary weapons. But, the vertical tanks control the tide of war. The Xbox 360 controller is used for aiming and firing, but actions such as communicating with fellow soldiers and starting the tank are done with Kinect.

This game brings hardcore gaming to the Kinect, with smart implementation of the features the game might set a standard for Kinect games to follow.


@gamingangel be interesting to see how this sells, could mean the start of heaps of hardcore games on kinect if does well. ^Jen


@gamingangel I like how his name is Lt. Powers :)

GamingAngel moderator

I wonder if that means it won't use the huge controller from the first one?