5 geeky reasons to want the new iPad

Apple held their conference this morning and while they announced the new Apple TV (only $99), geeks everywhere were waiting for the details on the new iPad. I know I want one. But then again I waited and did not purchase the first iPad or iPad2. But I yearned for it. iPad envy at every convention or event I went to. Which is why I’m sure I’ll be purchasing one of these as soon as I can (the Apple store is having issues right now). But as a geek, why do you want the new iPad? Well here are a few reasons.

1) Retina display is amazing!
The new Retina display is 2048 x 1536 pixels. 99 Games made a blog post that shows the difference in their game apps as to what the Retina display provides. Basically this iPad has more pixels than an HDTV. The dots per inch is listed at 326 for the iPad. The new screen will show off the great pictures and videos you take in reason number 2.

2) 5 megapixel camera on the back!
The new iPad features a 5-megapixel “iSight” rear camera can shoot up to 1080p video. 1080p video just from the iPad. No word though on how good it captures sound. I don’t have experience with this on the other iPads but it’s worth investigating. The front camera will be a VGA quality, 0.3-megapixel “FaceTime” camera for video chats and some lower resolution photos.

3) iMovie is improved and now there is iPhoto!
From the live blogs, iMovie sounds like it has significant upgrades for editing videos. I used to love to use iMovie because it’s a quick and easy way for me to edit my convention videos on the go. No editing team for us! But the last version of iMovie definitely has some struggles. This version made it look simple and easy again. iPhoto is a great addition because with the nice iSight camera, you’ll be taking alot more pictures. iPhoto offers features such as bezel gestures, effects, multi-touch editing direct beaming, and tweak white balance. It sounded like from the announcements that it’s very easy to sync pictures on the cloud or on Flickr and Facebook.

4) Gaming could be interesting!
We already know that gaming on the iPad line of devices is huge, but it could really change as gaming companies take advantage of the new specs. The new iPad has the Retina display (2048 x 1536 pixels) and one game company is already showing the difference it makes in their games and it has a A5X processor on board – which Apple is calling ‘twice as fast’ as Tegra 3, and offers four time the graphics performance of Nvidia’s chip. Prompting Apple to say that the latest iPad has a improved shade fortitude plus some-more mental recall than both the Xbox 360 plus the PS3. Although to be fair, the Xbox 360 and PS3 are quite a bit older than the newly announced iPad. No mention of how it stands up against the PS Vita which has a beautiful screen of it’s own for quality gaming experience.

5) Voice Dictation is cool!
There is no Siri yet…but there is a mic for voice dictation. One could only imagine that Siri would have to be available soon. The voice dictation is going to work with third party apps, so now you can update your Facebook or Twitter using your voice.

In the end, I’m biased because I’ve waited so long to buy an iPad that I believe this is enough of an upgrade to warrant me finally purchasing one. If you already have an iPad, I think it will depend on how much you use it. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a market for used iPads if you are looking to upgrade. A wi-fi-only 16-gigabyte new iPad will sell for $499, while a 32-gigabyte model will retail for $599 and a 64-gigabyte unit will run $699. If you want a new iPad with 4G LTE capability, the prices are: 16-gigabytes for $629, 32-gigabytes for $729 and 64-gigabytes for $829. Pre-orders start now on Apple.com and the new iPad will be out on March 16.