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This month’s Geek Woman feature is Cassandra from When Geeks Wed. When Geeks Wed is a great site for female geeks particularly for those wanting to plan a geeky wedding. The site has great geeky party themes as well, there is definitely something for everyone. When Geeks Wed is joining the She’s Geeky Inc network of sites and I want to introduce everyone to Cassandra!

GamingAngel: Tell us a little about yourself – would you consider yourself a gamer? What are some of your favorite geeky things? What are you playing lately?

Cassandra: I’ve always been that creative, artsy girl who also liked to play video games; growing up I played Super Mario Bros, Starfox, Mortal Kombat etc. That’s probably why I ended up becoming a modeler/ texture artist making characters for games like Smackdown vs Raw, NBA Ballers and Ironman. Now that I’m “grownup” I tend to prefer first person shooter multiplayers. Right now, I’m playing Mass Effect 3, Dead Island, Halo, Modern Warfare 3, and Call of Duty Black Ops.

Currently I get to geek out by working on one of my favorite franchises, Star Wars, as a digital artist for the Clone Wars animated tv series. I mostly build and texture characters some of which you may know: the EP3 Clone Troopers, General Pong Krell, the Father and Daughter from the Mortis arch, Darts D’Nar and Tradoshans (the same race as Bossk).

What was the inspiration behind When Geeks Wed?

 I started When Geeks Wed as a place of inspiration for geeky and gamer themed weddings pretty much anything that’s cookie-cutter or traditional you won’t find it here. This stemmed from my own wedding planning experience a little over a year ago when I got married on Halloween and wanted to have a zombie/Gothic wedding. I did what any normal would be bride would do and spent an insane amount of time on the internet and rifled through bridal magazines for ideas only to find they were in short supply. I didn’t want a “traditional” white wedding or even to wear a white wedding dress. In the end I realized that if I wanted MY dream wedding I would have to come up with my own ideas and either have everything custom made (and going over our budget) or make it myself.

I knew there was a niche for sites like mine since just before my wedding I happened to attend a gamer wedding with XBox controller centerpieces and another geeky wedding that same year that gave out Lego wedding favors.

As a former geeky bride, I know how hard it is for someone that wants to do something outside of the normal wedding. In your about you state how you did a lot of things yourself. How difficult was this? Any tips for a bride that may have to do the same thing?

For my wedding I had a zombie/Gothic theme with zombie invitations, a friend officiated for us and dressed as a skeleton and read from a scroll, I wore a silver wedding dress, and walked down the aisle to the theme to the video game Halo .

I ended up making my own invitations, programs and menus because I wanted something zombie themed but couldn’t find anything pre-made that I could order online. I could have gotten something custom made but it takes more time (that I didn’t have), back and forth conversations about what I want and in most cases more money.

A tip I would have if your planning on having a nontraditional wedding would be to nail down your theme early and stick to it because you’ll probably have to custom make things or spend lot’s of time searching for what you want. When you have a typical white wedding you can usually go to one store and buy everything you need there which is not the case for geeky, gamer weddings. I think there are so many brides and grooms who want to have a geeky or gamer themed wedding but are afraid of what their family may think just remember it’s YOUR day not your grandma’s. So do something that reflects you as a couple even if it does involve light sabers.

How do you find the ideas for your topics?

I’ll either see something on Twitter, search for topics on the internet or readers will submit photos to my site from their wedding. I’ll also take what is trending right now like the Hunger Games or Game of Thrones and create my own vision of them as weddings.

Have you ever thought of being a consultant to help geeky brides organize their ideas for their wedding?

Oh no! Have you seen Bridezillas? Those Brides be crazy.

What is your favorite wedding idea you’ve come across since the site launched in January?
Without a doubt anything steam punk I just love. Ever since I started this site I’ve been telling my Husband I want to renew my vows so I can have another wedding with this idea and that idea from my site. He hates me.

Do you think we’ll start seeing more and more weddings that are geek inspired and do you think the wedding industry will listen?

Without a doubt, I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from the wedding community about my site. I think a geeky or gamer wedding is way harder to plan then a “white” wedding so I hope my site helps you go for that unique theme and inspire you to not settle on something you wont love.

Thank you Cassandra for the interview! It’s great to meet you and welcome to She’s Geeky Inc Network of sites. Like the When Geeks Wed Facebook page and follow her on Twitter at When Geeks Wed!


THANK GOD FOR THIS WEBSITE!!! I am currently planning my horror film themed wedding for Halloween next year and this is he first website I have found that will actually be usefull. Can't wait to send you pic of my wedding next year! From one gamer girl to another, you bl**dy rock!!!!


I love the When Geeks Wed website and all the unique and fun weddings featured and the great diy and custom creations Cassandra does!

GamingAngel moderator

As someone that wanted geek incorporated into a wedding, I love When Geeks Wed because Cassandra offers so many sophisticated ways to really incorporate yourself into your wedding. <3