Retired NFL players win the right to sue EA, basically

Today, retired NFL players got a major legal win against Electronic Arts. Judge Richard Seeborg, of California’s Northern District, ruled that in the case of Davis et al. v. Electronic Arts Inc., the 6,000 retired NFL players will be able to move forward in their lawsuit against the game company.

Lead plaintiffs in the case (including Tony Davis, Vince Ferragamo and Billy Joe DuPree) are basically suing for the use of their likenesses, which EA believed they had the right to use without compensation thanks to California law and the First Amendment.

EA attempted to get the case dismissed based on California’s Anti-SLAPP statutes, which argue that legal cases basically meant to antagonize someone shouldn’t be able to move forward, but the court rejected EA’s positions.

The NFL players are represented by Thomas Whitelaw & Katz, LLP. Matthew Meskell, who argued the case on behalf of the players, said, “The Court’s ruling was well reasoned and articulate. In reaching this conclusion, the Court carefully weighed governing case law and the particular facts of the case.”