Second Humble Bundle for Android adds ‘Snuggle Truck’

With one week left to go in the sale, Humble Android Bundle #2 has added Snuggle Truck to the bundle as a bonus for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android systems. In the game, you must cross treacherous terrain to get a truckful of stuffed animals to the zoo.

In addition, Android users will also be able to download Smuggle Truck, the immigration satire game that was just a biiiiiit too much for some app marketplaces (read: Apple’s App Store).

The second Humble Bundle for Android now has six games, all new to the platform: Snuggle Truck, Canabalt, Swords & Soldiers, Zen Bound 2, Cogs and Avadon.

Head to the Humble Bundle site to pick up the bundle, name your price and designate your charity donation.