‘Tenorman’s Revenge’ lands on XBLA March 30

South Park Digital Studios announced today that South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge¬†will be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade on March 30. The multiplayer co-op title features over 20 levels of platforming.

You can play with friends either locally or online as any of the main four characters (Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny) in their battle against Scott Tenorman and his Ginger robots. (If you don’t know why Scott Tenorman’s so angry, I…just can’t spoil it for you. Go find that episode yourself, since they’re all online.)

Each player can also become the boys’ alter egos throughout the game, meaning that The Coon, Mysterion, Human Kite and Toolshed are also up for play.

The game will cost 800 Microsoft Points at release.