Would you give up your Facebook password for a job interview?


I heard about this on the radio and thought I was going crazy. It seems that some companies are asking job seekers for their Facebook or Twitter passwords. The reason given is so that employers can look over their page before hiring them.

While I know the job market has become very competitive because of the amount of people looking for a job, it makes no sense for companies to ask for your password. Companies have so many ways to do background checks and most social media is open to the public. There is an app called BeKnown that can scan Facebook pages to create profiles. To ask for a password to personal space before you are hired is ridiculous and can be dangerous for identity theft.

At current time, no one is challenging the legal aspects of asking. Unfortunately some job seekers are handing over their information because they need a job so badly. While I advise that people are careful about their social presence, one should never hand over their passwords before they get a job. To me, the only time it’s okay to hand over passwords is for the page or account that you may be conducting for the company. I understand that aspect because then you can’t walk away with the company’s social media presence.

Would you give up your passwords for a job?


Only if they give me theirs!


Hey, it's only fair that I know what they're "really like" if they think viewing my profile will show them what I'm "really like."