Astro Gaming headsets are the official PAX East selection this year

At PAX East this weekend in Boston, Astro Gaming headsets will be the official choice of the show. This is the fifth consecutive PAX event to use Astros as the official headset.

To get your hands on a pair to try out, head over to the PC Free Play area, where computers will be outfitted with 350 Astro A30 headsets.

Of course, if you want to buy a pair, that’s also going to be pretty easy at the show. Over at Booth #1018, you’ll even be able to get a discount. Astro will be premiering their brand-new booth for the 2012 convention season, and there, you’ll also be able to try out A40s, A30s, A*STAR in-ear headsets and also wireless MixAmps.

To try out more Astro products, you can visit the following booths:


  • Perfect World Entertainment (Booth #736)
  • Red 5 Studios (Booth #536)
  • Riot Games (Booth 690)
  •  Sega (Booth #448, 548)
  •  Square Enix (Booth #850)
  • Uber Entertainment (Booth #1062)
  • Ubisoft (Booth #824, 836)
  • Wizards of the Coast (Booth #462, 562)

@GamingAngels well of course. There is no sexier gaming headset than ASTRO Gaming headsets.