God of War Ascension multiplayer announcement

Last week we were invited to attend a screening by Sony where they revealed more details about God of War Ascension. The game has a single player story mode, but will include for the first time….multiplayer. The story itself takes place as a prequel. Finding out what made Kratos who he was. A main goal that the Sony team is trying to achieve is that they are working to push the Playstation 3 to it’s limits. Adding to the game, they have created a new combat and soul system where players can upgrade their skills and weapons.

Since it’s so early, many of these facts may change. The team is still playing with ideas and concepts to explore what really feels good for a multiplayer game in this world. Currently the team is thinking of having 5-7 unique multiplayer maps. Don’t expect to play Kratos in multiplayer though. He’ll never be available.

When players start the game they will choose a god to align themselves with. This will determine where they will play for multiplayer. How this will exactly work into online play and if you’ll be able to team up with friends is still not decided yet.

The multiplayer aspect of the game will keep the huge scale that the series is known for. The team has many veteran members who are committed to making sure they stay true to what God of War is. This means they are not taking the multiplayer undertaking lightly. In our interview with Whitney – Sr. Producer on God of War Ascension she gives us an indepth look at how serious the team took many questions when it comes to multiplayer. Whitney also tells us why a female character is not available in multiplayer. That interview will be up tomorrow on GamingAngels.