Review – Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure

Release Date: March 20, 2012
Rating: E for Everyone
US MSRP: $49.99
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Asobo Studio


Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure is one of those games that you will enjoy with the whole family. I love games that keep my kids and I active and you forget that you are burning calories in the process! It’s a game for all ages to enjoy. My 4 year old son, 10 year old daughter and I have played this daily over the last couple weeks.

The Kinect Rush: Disney Pixar Adventure scans you into the game creating your own childlike avatar so you can interact with other children on the playground. You are able to jump in five worlds: The Incredibles, Ratatouille, UP, Toy Story and Cars in a unique adventure. Each of the worlds have different challenges and excitement. I love that you aren’t just reliving the movies in the game… it’s a unique storyline! I have to say, I look pretty awesome as a Superhero in the Incredible’s world and my daughter loves how she is transformed into a rat.

We are a competitive trio but I can admittedly bow to my kids for owning me at this game. This is a game that requires a lot of physical activity which is great but I can admit I need to take breaks! We take turns playing two at a time and my son consistently beats us at every turn. He is a little agile monkey who seems to have freakishly fast abilities when we are playing. If my daughter and I are able to stay ahead of him in each world then it’s an accomplishment.

The Incredibles world on Kinect Rush is by far my kid’s favorite choice of the game. This world has a lot of challenges and who doesn’t want to be a Superhero? In the first few levels you get to run fast like Dash, battle a huge robot and experience Violet’s powers.

In the Toy Story world you become a robot in the first couple levels and you work with Woody and Buzz to get Mr. Pricklepants back to Bonnie before she leaves for the airport. The kids love the fact that Woody talks a lot and it made my son believe that Woody could really hear him.

In Ratatouille you transform into a rat and you need to help Twitch on the rooftops of Paris. This one is the most challenging and hardest because of the intricate movements. My kids were at first frustrated by this world but it was my favorite from the start.

Cars is our cooldown game in Kinect Rush! It’s a driving game, naturally, and the physical activity is less than the other worlds. I’ve always loved driving games and the sensitivity in the game is spot on which makes me feel like I am actually driving.

In Up you are hanging out with Russel on a river adventure while trying to save Carl’s balloon lifed house before it floats away. My daughter especially loved the canoes in this world.

The frustrations of the game only came from the avatar making process. My son is on the tiny side so it had a hard time scanning him. We bypassed this by having my daughter creating two characters and we assigned one to him. He doesn’t mind that his character thinks he is a girl! I was concerned that because of his smaller frame that the game would have a hard time registering him but as I stated above he whoops us at this game so it proved to be a non issue!

Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar adventure is going to get you moving and off the couch. It’s the perfect family game and it’s been played at multiple playdates.

And I will eventually be able to keep up with my kids in this game.  Eventually.