Pottermore Is Opening To The Public (Finally)

Screenshot of the Great Hall

Pottermore, which has been in closed beta for a kabillion years, started rolling out to the public!

According to Pottermore Insider, they will be allowing new users to register beginning today. New users will given a wand and sorted, but you may not be able to access the entirety of the Pottermore halls until you receive a proper Pottermore invitation.
No word yet on how long you’ll wait to explore the site fully.

Many users are concerned about how this will affect load times, so I’ll impart some wisdom here; BE YE NOT OVERZEALOUS!

When beta access finally rolled my way, I was only intially able to access the site for a few hours, and then not again for days.

Now that the million beta members will be able to move forward through the series, and the new users are receiving access in waves – I may be a pessimist, but I have a very good feeling that the site will buckle at some point.

The important activities; getting your wand, the sorting, potion making – may load slowly or not at all and you’ll need to start from the beginning and answer a different set of questions. Save yourself the frustration, by being extremely patient.

Enjoy what will likely be your last new Harry Potter experience!