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  • 12Apr

    SteelSeries partners with UFC

    UFC is huge brand and SteelSeries is now partnering with them to bring the octagon to a mousepad. SteelSeries has actually been sponsoring international octagon events and fighters in the UFC for awhile. An example is they sponsored fighter Alexander Gustafsson. To bring the UFC to gamers and computer users, there is a new line of UFC Edition peripherals including the mousepad above and UFC edition headsets coming later this year.

    “We’re really excited to be partnering with SteelSeries not only by introducing a UFC mousepad and headsets, but also the creative and collaborative marketing efforts that we’ll be launching to both of our communities,” said UFC President Dana White.

    Now you can feel like a UFC champion while playing World of Warcraft with the SteelSeries QcK UFC Edition cloth mousepad. It’s available now for $14.99. Just don’t try to ground and pound your monitor okay?

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