Two thirds of all tablet minutes occur while watching TV

Every time I watch HBO GO or Showtime, they talk about how you can interact with other fans on your tablet during the show. I always wonder, why would I do that? I want to actually watch the show. Turns out they know their audience. According to a study from MultiMedia Mentor and GfK Analysis, among adults 35-49 almost two thirds of their tablet time occur in front of a tv. For adults age 18-34 the percentage is 39%.

“Tablets are the new ‘second screen,’ thanks to their size and inherent connectivity,” said Robert DeFelice, Vice President (Media) at GfK Knowledge Networks. “Our research suggests the potential value of ad campaigns and other applications that take advantage of the roles smartphones and tablets play as ‘co-located’ technologies; these might include researching advertised products, texting friends about plot twists, visiting TV program websites, and dozens of similar uses.”

When comparing the genders, women are more likely to combine tablets and TV. For them 56% of their tablet minutes were in front of a tv while it’s only 48% for men. That’s because we’re good at multitasking. Or in some cases, addicted to multitasking. How else are you going to find time to browse on Pinterest?