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  • Welcome to Wintercast – a discussion of HBO’s series Game of Thrones, brought to you by the Gaming Angels Network. We’re your hosts Elizabeth, Stephanie and Summer
  • This week, we’re talking about/covering/discussing/ranting on/squeeing over Episode 2.03 – “What is Dead May Never Die” – Write in your questions, comments, theories, marriage proposals to or comment on the website (we had some Skype issues about halfway into our recording so the audio isn’t the best it could be).

News – Any news regarding the series (TV/book):

  • 3.8 million rating, just like last week
  • Renewed for season 3
  • GRRM on season 3: Like the first two seasons, it will be ten episodes long. This one will cover (roughly) the first half or thereabouts of A STORM OF SWORDS, the third novel in the series.
  • I’ll be writing the seventh episode, with the working title “Autumn Storms.”

Long Story Short (Too Late) – Official HBO synopsis:

  • “At the Red Keep, Tyrion Plots three alliances through the promise of marriage. Catelyn arrives in the Stormlands to forge an alliance of her own. But King Renly, his new wife Margaery, and her brother Loras Tyrell have other plans in mind. Balon Greyjoy maps out his strategy of attack while, at Winterfell, Luwin tries to decipher Bran’s dreams.”

Joffrey’s a Tit – Our “favourite” moments of Joffrey being a total tit – or whichever character was a stand out douche canoe in that episode:

  • No Joffrey again! Maybe he’s a total tit for not being in a scene we can call him a total tit in.

Everybody Wants Some (I Want Some Too) – Those awkward/good nudie moments:

  • Loras and Renley, Renley and Margaery, Pycell’s whore – so much to choose from!

Another Head on a Pike – SFX work that stood out (best death, best maim, etc.) and the kill count:

  • The Gold Cloaks hit the Night’s Watch group, Yoren and Lummy Greenhands are the only notable deaths – Death Total for S2: 8

He’s a Complicated Man, No One Understands Him But His Woman – Tyrion, being a badass, as he’s wont to do:

  • Again, every scene. So I’m going to give this one to Catelyn for burning Loras and Renley about how they’re just playing at war while Robb is actually fighting a war.

Dark Wings, Dark Words – In depth discussion of the episode, Breakdown of points that stood out, Differences from the books:

  • Starts with Craster bringing Jon to Mormont basically kicking the Night’s Watch out of his encampment. Jon thinks he’s divulging startling news to Mormont by telling him what Craster does with his sons, but Mormont already knows – he also explains to Jon why they need someone like Craster out there. Another lesson in not being as rigid as Ned was for Jon. He also tells Jon that what he saw in the woods, he’ll probably see it again.
  • They start packing things up to leave further into the woods. Sam stops to talk with Gilly once more before they leave. He gives her the only trinket he has to remember his mother by, making her promise to keep it for him until he returns.
  • At Winterfell, we follow Hodor into Bran’s room from Summer’s POV. Turns out, every night Bran is having “dreams” as a wolf. Maester Luwin tries to talk him out of thinking these dreams are special, dreams of the Children of the Forest (worgs? I can’t remember what they’re called). He tries to convince him that magic doesn’t exist anymore. Like with the dragons, so has the magic in the world.
  • BRIENNE! (If it please you, Brienne’s enough. I’m no lady.)
  • Catelyn totally burns Renley by saying her son’s men are preparing for the real war whilst his men are playing at war (Knights of Summer). Renley doesn’t get it – he thinks that being popular is what’s going to get him the throne. Brienne is charged with watching Catelyn.
  • Theon, you are such a moron. Balon and Yara/Asha are planning their strategy for taking over Winterfell. Basically, all the important stuff goes to Yara/Asha (30 longships), Theon gets one ship (the Sea Bitch) to raid the fishing villages. Theon tries to talk his way into his father’s fold again, but Balon rejects him, even after Theon points out that Balon gave him up to Ned without a fight (not very Iron Price). He’s not hard enough to be a Grejoy, not honorable enough to be a Stark.
  • Tyrion and Shae are having issues on how to keep her safe (Tyrion decides that she should pose as the Help (she’s really annoying).
  • Most awkward dinner ever. Sansa is getting better at lying through her teeth on how much she can’t wait to marry Joffrey. Myrcella and Tommen are way too nice to be a part of this family. Tommen doesn’t want Joffrey to kill Robb, but Cersei assures them that no matter what Sansa will “do her duty”.
  • Turns out Shae is Sansa’s new handmaiden. That’ll be interesting down the line in the story. Or even more annoying. I do think Sansa needs someone not in Cersei’s pocket to be around her.
  • Tyrion fishes out who the rat in the Small Council is: he tells Maester Pycell that he plans to wed Myrcella to the Martells, tells Varys he plans to wed her to the Greyjoys, and tells Littlefinger he plans to wed her to Robin Aeron. He also oversells Littlefinger on what he can get for brokering the deal with Lysa Aeron for the marriage between Robin and Myrcella.
  • Renley gets none from Loras. He’s pissed about being embarrassed by Brienne in the fight, with further insult by Renley by making her a member of the King’s Guard.
  • Maergery shows up to get things going in the bedroom department. Totally drops the bomb on Renley that she knows he’s gay, and she will do whatever it takes, including involving her brother in bed, to get pregnant by Renley. The only way to secure his (and her) power is to have an hire. Girl knows how to play the game – probably better than Cersei.
  • Cersei is not happy about Tyrion shipping Myrcella off to Dorn (looks like Pycell is the rat). She does care about her children, it’s her one good trait. She betrays the effect of her being married off to Robert had on her, but that she doesn’t care beyond her children of that same thing happening to others (Sansa).
  • Theon thinks about warning Robb about his father’s plans, decides to side with his father instead. The baptising scene was gorgeous, but it wasn’t as powerful as it is in the books (they actually drown each other and bring each other back to life – What is Dead May Never Die But Rises Again Harder and Stronger) – was that supposed to be his uncle?
  • Littlefinger is pissed that Tyrion was roping him into a ruse and everything promised him was a lie. Tyrion tells him that he needs to use him to get Jaime out of imprisonment.
  • Bronn finds Pycell for Tyrion and they confront him about being the rat to Cersei. Pycell begs that he was just working for House Lannister. Pycell knows about Cersei and Jaime. They throw him in jail.
  • Varys and Tyrion meet again. Varys is keeping an eye on Shea. They have a discussion on power. “Power resides where men decide it resides.”
  • Arya and Yoren talk about how to sleep when you’ve seen horrible things or have had the ones you love taken from you. Very important moment for Arya. I like Yoren. Arya is extremely strong, which is awesome and sad at the same time. Awesome because we don’t get strong female characters enough. Sad because she’s a child and she shouldn’t have to be that strong yet.
  • The Gold Cloaks come back for Gendry. Yoren explicitly tells Arya and Gendry to run if shit goes pear-shaped. Shit goes pear-shaped, Yoren has a Boromir death, Arya gives Jaqen H’ghar an ax to break out of the prison carriage, Gendry and everyone else decide to fight the Gold Cloaks, Lummy gets killed, Arya pins him as Gendry, the rest are rounded up as prisoners and taken to Harrenhal.


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  • Wrap up/final thoughts
  • Opening and Closing song: “Game of Thrones – Opening Credits Cover (Heavy Version)” by Roger Lima at White Noise Lab

OMG! It will be easier to put the lyrics on the Imperial March! :D Great show, blood of my blood. Think we will see the last book released before HBO starts pre-production? Looking for the next episode. Too much to talk about. Take care.


 @tyrone_hawk Ah! We had a comment & I didn't even realize it! I don't know if GRRM will have the series finished by the time pre-production starts on S3. I don't think he's the kind of writer to really be bothered by other people's deadlines and will get the story out as it comes to him (I'm in no rush because I'm still on book 3). :)