Crocheting is my latest obsession, and one thing that has really caught my eye on Pinterest, craft blogs and the wider internet is amigurumi. Have you seen this stuff? It is so cute, and the potential for geeky fun is enormous! For instance, check out Nerdigurumi (on youtube, too!). Also, just look at how much Star Wars Amigurumi you can buy on Etsy! This free Yoda Amigurumi pattern is pretty awesome, too.

I have been resisting taking the plunge into amigurumi myself, because I have so many other projects already in progress. However, this weekend I couldn’t wait any longer, and I had to buy Crobots by Nelly Pailloux. I am so glad I did! The little stuffed toys are so cute, from an adorable dogbot to a hilarious zombiebot to an awesome ninja. My 9 year old son is so enamored of the entire concept that he asked me to teach him to crochet last night, although he says amigurumi is the only thing he wants to make, ever; this is all he considers manly enough, I guess, ;).

I have started my first project–the dogbot–but it is not ready for sharing yet. I went to the store yesterday, though, and bought supplies for many little stuffed bots, and I am very excited about making these! The directions are easy to follow, and so far, the dogbot I am making looks pretty close to the dogbot in the book, so I am quite pleased.

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If you’d like to try a project before buying, the Geisha Doll pattern from the book is available on Ravelry as a free download. I love looking at the pictures from other people who have tried the pattern and put their own touches on it! You can see several examples of the other crobots on Ravelry as well.

I know I am late to this party and some of you are already doing this, right? Does anyone have pictures to share?