Demo for Fan-Made My Little Pony Investigations has been released

Randomly surfing the net (instead of getting work done), I came across My Little Pony Investigations. Ironically it became something I could write about for GamingAngels! My Little Pony Investigations is a fan created game featuring the characters from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. The gameplay is much like a Phoenix Wright game where gamers play as Twilight Sparkle who is attempting to solve a crime that took place in Equestria. In the game, Twilight can press for more information or present evidence to help make an accusation.

It’s pretty amazing that this is a fan made project. The quality is pretty high for it being a labor of love. Much higher than I expected. The full version of the game will be released for any OS that supports JAVA and will be released for free. That’s right, they just want you to enjoy and have fun.

The graphics are true to the feeling of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. They have captured the town and according to the forums, the dev team has worked hard to capture many environments and characters from the show.

What really amazed me is the voice acting. The video below gives you an introduction to the what you can expect from the voice actors. At first, I thought it was the real voices from the show! You can always quickly move through the dialog, but I wouldn’t. I would listen at least the first time (oh you will repeat some sections a few times) and enjoy their hard work.

The music is well done in the game, but the sound controls are not as balanced. At times I felt like the music was YELLING at me. Because this is a demo, I expect the team will take the feedback and make adjustments for the game. Visit the forums to leave feedback that can help shape the game.

The demo is short and does need a bit of improvement or tweaking. I had some frustration with the combining items and knowing when to present them. Even though the demo just released yesterday, the forums have great ideas for dealing with the inventory system and including hints on what the player made need to do next. There are also quite a few walkthroughs of the demo on YouTube already.

In the end, I completely recommend any fan to try this demo. It’s amazing what this team has accomplished so far. Building their own game engine, making the graphics, doing voice over work, it’s a true testament to what can be done by Gamers that have a passion and an idea. They don’t seem to be taking donations, starting a Kickstarter, heck there aren’t even ads on their site. What you can do is play the demo, provide feedback and hopefully soon we’ll all be enjoying the full My Little Pony Investigations game.