Hands on with Tera

I had the pleasure of playing a five man encounter in Tera back at Pax prime last year. it was a moment that made me really look at the game and get excited over it. well this year I again got to meet with the awesome team from En Masse to check out more from Tera.

This time around there was a new cinematic and some behind the scenes footage from the voice recording with Michael Hogan, from Battlestar Galactica. With such a distinctive voice it’s no surprise that En Masse would want to utilize his talents in the game. and let me tell you, it does add to the feel of the trailer.

After watching the new trailer I got to talk with two of the developers who were both very excited over showing off more of Tera. The press people were given the choice between character classes to play, and I chose the wizard. I’m a fan of the ranged DPS specs, so those are usually the ones I will gravitate to first with new MMOs. Once we got a brief rundown on all of the classes, we went up against an Argon boss, and thankfully with a healer played by one of the devs we began the encounter.

Admittedly it took me some time to get used to the controls, but once I got the hang of it during the boss fight I began to have a lot of fun. The rest of the team seemed to get the hang of things quite well also and not only did we beat the boss, but we beat the boss after our healer got killed! We were just that damn good.

All in all it was a super fun demo and I really enjoyed being able to do another 5-man boss run. It was also great to see the passion from the Tera team who was there to represent and show off the game. That kind of passion is contagious and it got me excited all over again to play Tera.


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