To Lydia With Love, Two More Times

Kristen Nedopak, the hardest working woman on the web, currently has a plan to get two more Skyrim parody videos created to follow up her super successful Skyrim: To Lydia With Love video, and she needs your help to get them done!

One of the main things Kristen talked about in her interview with us a while back was the need for community when trying to create your own content. Without community, it can be very difficult to get creator owned content not only made but finished and distributed for an audience to see. As Kristen is always more than willing to help out other creators with their projects, now’s the perfect chance to return the favor and help her out a little with her projects.

You don’t have to be skilled in the art of  Thu’um to help out, or even smithing or necromancing to help out (she’s making it really easy on us)! Here are the 3 easy steps Kristen has laid out that anyone can follow if they want to help out:

  1. Donate!
    Donations would rock! Every $1-10 helps. Plus, Kristen has spent weeks putting some VERY cool, custom-made perks together for those who do donate! You can donate directly on her IndieGoGo site – which also has a breakdown of where your money goes when you donate it so you can see exactly what you’re helping fund
  2. You’ve always wanted to start a viral e-mail thread!
    Spread the word! Share it with your office or work mates and pals via e-mail or post it on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and other social media outlets (be sure to add @Nedopak to any tweets about this so Kristen knows you’re spreading the good word)
  3. Reporter extraordinaire!
    You could also do what we’re doing right here: blog about it or do an article about it for your geek/gaming-centric website!

See? I told you it was really easy stuff! I would never lie to you (unless you were a comic artist back in the 90’s who I met at a signing when I was 15 and you asked me if I was the “Summer” who wrote you a letter asking you to go to Homecoming with her, then I’d  lie my ass off and die of embarrassment forever).

So, donate or help spread the word and let Kristen (and other creators out there) know that the geek/gaming community are interested in new, original, grassroots projects in the wake of the tired old reboot/boardgame hash that Hollywood keeps crapping out  and are willing to contribute to them and help them get made. Because it’s nice to do something positive every once and a while with the power this community has when it gets together and mobilizes, don’t you think?

You can find Kristen reviewing/hosting weekly on Think Hero, on Fight Class and on Twitter (where I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to field questions of the non-skeevy variety about her project – keep it respectful, people!).