Triforce Announces Mass Effect M-3 Predator Pistols Pre-Order Date

Starting May 29, 2012, you can place your order for the 1:1 scale replica of the Mass Effect 3 M-3 Predator Pistol from Triforce. The replicas are cast in polystone, measures 12″ in length, weights 10 pounds and features working LED effects. This thing is amazing, if the pictures are to be believed. I mean, it’s even got distressing on it like actually went with Shepard and the gang on a mission or two.

If you want to own this amazing piece of Mass Effect history, you better get on it May 29th – this is a Limited Edition replica (600 pieces worldwide) and will cost you a whopping $400 USD. Which means, if you loved me you’d buy me one. Because I need this like a fish needs water.

The scheduled ship date for the replicas is the 4th Quarter of 2012 and you can check this replica, along with a load of others that have me making sounds like I’m looking at Joe Manganiello in production pictures for Magic Mike, over at Project Triforce.