What to do when you are at work instead of playing Diablo III

Today many of us had to go to work while others played the sick card to play Diablo III. Although the day has not been kind to those that stayed home (Blizzard has had some server issues), we felt the need to offer advice for those of us that have to work 8 or more hours before we can go home and play.

  1. Hope that the servers let up by the time the clock hits 5pm and laugh when people complain of getting the Error 37 all day.
  2. Block hashtag #diablo3 or any variation of Diablo3 on Twitter
  3. Send out lots of emails so that everyone knows you came to work instead of calling in sick like half your friends list
  4. Wear a Diablo III or Blizzard shirt to be “that guy” today
  5. Refresh yourself on the story behind Diablo by reading up online. It has been a long time since the last Diablo.
  6. Make random memes related to Diablo

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