Wintercast 1.08

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Wintercast Show Notes


  • Welcome to Wintercast – a discussion of HBO’s series Game of Thrones, brought to you by the Gaming Angels Network. We’re your hosts Elizabeth and Summer. This week, we’re discussing Episode 2.09 – Blackwater
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News – Any news regarding the series (TV/book):

  • No news!

Long Story Short (Too Late) – Official HBO synopsis:

  • Episode 2.09: “Tyrion and the Lannisters fight for their lives.”

Joffrey’s a Tit – Our “favourite” moments of Joffrey being a total tit – or whichever character was a stand out douche canoe in that episode:

  • I’m going to say it was a toss up between his encounter with Sansa and then him pussing out on the battlefield

Everybody Wants Some (I Want Some Too) -Those awkward/good nudie moments:

  • There was only one, and this time it was really unnecessary and gratuitous

Another Head on a Pike -SFX work that stood out (best death, best maim, etc.) and the kill count to date for the season:

  • Well, this was a major battle, so just about the entire episode
  • Death Total for S2: I’m going with a bazillion

He’s a Complicated Man, No One Understands Him But His Woman -Tyrion, being a badass, as he’s wont to do:

  • Probably when he gave the speech to get the men to rally behind him after they just watched their king turn tail and run to mamma

Dark Wings, Dark Words -In depth discussion of the episode, Breakdown of points that stood out, Differences from the books:



  • Nothing again!


  • Wrap up/final thoughts
  • Opening and Closing song: “Game of Thrones – Opening Credits Cover (Heavy Version)” by Roger Lima at White Noise Lab
  • Rains of Castamere – YouTube link to the closing song for the episode