WWE13 box art revealed with pyro on RAW

Being the avid WWE fan that I am, I watch Monday night Raw pretty much every week. However I wasn’t expecting to see the cover art reveal for WWE13, the next game from THQ. Along with the cover art featuring CM Punk (as revealed by himself with some great pyro), we also got a release date of October 30th!

WWE12 was easily one of the better WWE games released by THQ lately, so I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing even more improvements and polish. Plus there’s this nifty Attitude Era sticker on the box art which I’m very interested to see what that represents for the game.

I’ll also say that the fake cover art featuring John Laurinitis would be one fun bonus for a collector’s edition. *hint hint THQ*

Punk has also since sent out a high res version of the cover on his twitter page: