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    Fantasy Friday: A Trip to Rochester Institute of Technology

    Last month I went to Rochester Institute of Technology’s annual Imagine RIT event. The place was loaded with families from the area checking out what the students have been working on. I took a particular interest in the students working on games, as they are the next generation that will bring us indie titles and AAA titles alike. My first stop was at Michael Moffitt, a computer science major, and Julian Hammerstein’s, a mechanical engineering technology major, display. They created Ghost in Machine, an addictive and difficult sidescrolling platformer with an old-time feel and graphics. I sat there longer than I should have trying to clear one jump. Even on the first level the difficulty ramps up quickly, making you perform blind jump after blind jump, while dangerous parts are flying toward you. The duo made the game in 10 hours, so they could enter it into a game development

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