Book Review: Insurgent, by Veronica Roth

By Veronica Roth

Not too long after I bought this book on the day it was released, I came across the book on my dining room table at bedtime. I was heroically letting my daughter read the book first, so I brought it upstairs for her.

“Did you know you left Insurgent downstairs?” I said. I wanted her to finish it so that I could read it!

“Yes,” she replied, alarmed, something almost like hysteria in her tone,”I can’t have that book in my room at bed time! And neither should you!”

She had a point. When I read the first book in the series, Divergent, I ended up staying up far too late and not getting enough sleep before work. I took the book back downstairs.

This book was worth the wait. It opens with Tris dealing with a bit of PTSD due to the events at the end of the first book. She has a lot of trauma to process, and she struggles with it, but she doesn’t lose her intelligence and fearlessness. That fearlessness is kind of a problem for her actually, as she puts herself in dangerous situations partly due to a lack of concern for her own well-being, or to put it in another way, her lack of belief in her own worth. At one point, when the Erudite faction leader promises to spare innocents if they can study people that are classifed as Divergent, Tris tries to sacrifice herself to save her friends, even though she knows that the Erudite leader cannot be trusted to keep her word. Of course, just when her death seems inevitable, she discovers she wants to live after all. Fortunately, others are working to save her and the rest of the city as well.

There is much more going on here–Tris meets her boyfriend’s supposedly dead mother, and they battle a bit for his affections, said boyfriend almost gives up on her when he can’t stand watching her throw herself into danger over and over again, and we finally find out why the city is walled off and split into factions at the end of the book. I literally squealed aloud in excitement when I got to that part and I knew I would find out more about what was going on. I found it to be a very exciting setup for the next book, too, but I can’t say more here. It was very well done, though, not at all a let down. Also, I found that it was enough of a reveal that this book felt complete, but it still opened up so many questions that will lead to an exciting plot for next time.

So, once again I am left waiting for the next book, and this time it will be an even longer wait. I quick trip to Roth’s blog shows me Book 3 won’t be out until fall of next year, and it doesn’t even have a title yet! On the other hand, I do see that she will be in St. Louis sometime in July, so my daughter and I can go to see her and get our books signed. That will have to tide us over for while I suppose. In related news however, the blog is awesome, so maybe that will take up some of my time, ;).