Celebrate 25 years of Spaceballs with Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray

I feel old today and it’s not just my body aching from E3. I received a press release today that the 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray for Spaceballs will be released on August 7th.

If you have not seen Spaceballs…shame on you. It stars John Candy, Rick Moranis, and Bill Pullman and is hilarious. Basically it’s a “salute to science fiction” and follows the evil Dark Helmet as he tries to steal all the air from the planet Druidia.

The parody was created by Mel Brooks and has seriously funny references to Star Wars, Aliens, and Planet of the Apes. The 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray will have special new features like, “Farce yourself! Spaceballs and the Skroobing of Sci-Fi featurette. Interviews with the cast, film mistakes, storyboards and commentary by Mel Brooks.