Disney/Pixar’s ‘Brave’ Gets Temple Run Mobile Game

The original Temple Run by Imangi Studios has some impressive stats. The single player, action app game was released last August on iOS and Android earlier this year. It was among the Top 50 downloaded apps in December 2011 which led to it eventually being the number one Free App. The simple game is easy and addicting to play with just a swipe of the finger. The basic premise of the game is to run as far as you can avoiding a variety of obstacles placed in your way and the ever present demonic monkeys that are pursuing you.
Now, Imangi has teamed up with an international giant of media: Disney.

Temple Run has now been redone with a Disney touch by using the protagonist of the new Disney/Pixar film, Brave, as the character running through what is now lush, Scottish territory.
Temple Run: Brave is, at it’s core, just Temple Run. The gameplay and goal are the same as the original. However there are several new features in the game such as Archery, which allows for targets to be hit to earn extra coins, and beautiful visuals that surpass the original game. The music accompaning the game is quite incredible for an app game. Also, players are using Merida, the star of Brave. She is being chased by Mordu, a demon bear with one too many arrows in his torso. No wonder he is so angry.

The game is not free; however, for a mere 99 cents you can grab this game plus 2500 coins.

Brave releases this weekend and fans of Disney/Pixar are excited. This is the first female heroine and Merida is not your typical princess, a fiesty Scottish woman who wants to make her own decisions. However with only a few new features, this app is probably only worth getting if you are excited for the new film. The original, free version is just as good in terms of time-wasting, gameplay.