E3 2012 Hands-on Preview: Medal of Honor Warfighter

This was supposed to be a write-up for a hands-on preview for EA’s newest Medal of Honor addition, Medal of Honor Warfighter. I had an appointment for a closed doors meeting complete with hands-on game time. I even have my EA VIP Media badge to prove I belonged there. Unfortunately, after the brief presentation, I was asked to give up my machine for someone else with an appointment. I even asked why I was singled out, when I have an appointment too, and I was asked to not ask that question. So, take that how you want to. I may not have much hands-on experience, but I can still report on the presentation and what I did watch before leaving the room.

We were told nothing about the single-player campaign, but we were given plenty of info on the multiplayer. Instead of the traditional run-around-and-shoot-everyone-not-on-your-team, it forges a two-man team relationship called Fire Teams. With your partner, you team up with other pairs to fight against another team made up of pairs. You can see exactly where your partner is at all times, and all team chatter is restricted to you and your partner. If your partner falls in combat, you can avenge him by killing his killer. If you succeed, your partner will respawn more quickly, allowing you both to get back in the action more quickly.

Like most other multiplayer shooters, there is a bit of a class system to fit your unique style of play. You can play as a sniper, a support teammate with the ability to call in airstrikes, a versatile assaulter, and several other different specialties. All classes are distinguished and named after specific special ops factions from countries all over. For example, the sniper is a Navy SEAL. The assaulter is a Polish GROM. Each class has its own functions, skill sets, and arsenal, so it’s really all about finding out which class best suits you and mastering that class.

Again, that’s all I really have to say about Warfighter. I wish I had more to offer, but c’est la vie, no?

Medal of Honor Warfighter will release on October 23rd.