E3 2012 Preview: EA Mobile and Social Games

Stephanie and Summer got to hit up the EA Preview for their latest line of mobile and social games during E3 2012. Here’s the details and what they thought of them!


Stephanie: Outernauts is an RPG type adventure game that will be coming to Facebook this summer. In the game, you are an Outernaut who will have to fight space pirates and help out other people on your journey. The game itself actually looks pretty good and features great graphics, sound and fun controls. As an Outernaut, you do battle with the assistance of your various pets that you can trap and collect around the worlds you visit. These pets can level up, and will also live on your own personal world that you can enlarge and customize to your own liking. The more space and feeders, the more pets you can have!

Since it is a Facebook game, it will be social and you will want to have your friends participating. If they do, not only will you get the usual perks for social games like this, but you will also be able to have some great PvP battles with your friends and their pets! Actions will be based on energy bars, so choose wisely where you will want to spend your 20 energy points before having to let them recharge.

Outernauts looks like a pretty fun game that I think will draw in a good portion of casual social gamers on Facebook.


Summer: This was a fun, easy game to pick up, and, of course, that means it was super addictive as a mobile game. The basic premise is that you are a knight and you have to save princesses that have been captured. However, you are a knight more interested in collecting wealth than saving a princess (or two) that may love you forever for saving them. It’s all about the jewels in this one, baby! The basic premise is that you use a rope to swing around a fixed point (one thumb anchoring you to said fixed point, the other spinning you either clockwise or counter clockwise. You can either go through the whole game on your own or pay to pass certain quests. This game is all about the fun.

Using only your thumbs, travel from castle to castle swinging your knight around anchor points to collect gems. If you collect enough gems of a certain color, you can unlock Fiesta Mode (which unlocks a ton of gems). You do have missions on each level, but like every unlockable feature in the game you have the option to bypass them by paying money (in game or real) to clear them. There is no timer to indicate the end of level, but there will be audio cues to signal that. It’ll be available for IOS and Android.


Stephanie: Tiny Troopers is a fun little mobile game for IOS in which you play as a soldier who can team up with other AI soldiers to complete various objectives. It’s a fun little game best suited for an iPad. You touch the screen to move your small soldier around and tap on enemies to have your soldier (or small team of soldiers) fire their guns on that enemy. You also have the chance to pick up other guns like Bazookas or grenades that you can use to destroy structures like bunkers. The gameplay is pretty smooth and works great on a mobile platform. Tiny Troopers is currently out on IOS and will also be released on Android and PC in the future.


Stephanie: Catapult King is a 3D contender to take you away from trying to smash the same green pigs and trading up for knights who would prefer to breakdance or moon you. With 64 levels varying in difficulty plus magic ammunition that can cause much more devistating damage to the knight’s towers, you will have plenty of fun taking on these crass knights and saving the princess from them and their big red dragon. I personally liked the levels where you could aim and hit the dragon himself, causing him to turn on the knights and level the playing field. Right now, Catapult King is only out for IOS, but we were told it will have an Android port at some point.


Summer: Theme Park is a great sim game with some pretty neat social features. Beyond building up and maintaining your own theme park, you and your friends have the ability to visit each other’s theme parks! In the future, you’ll even be able to make money while your there by picking up trash or cleaning up the puke from the bouncy castles! There’s also a new little feature that let’s you send out entertainers to help boost your park’s value while your waiting for some construction to be done on the main attraction rides. The game is FTP with a premium shop and is available on IOS and Android.