E3 2012 Preview: Lego City Undercover

For the first time in LEGO gaming history, the play sets come to life instead of an already established property with LEGO City: Undercover, which is an exclusive for the Wii U console. Playing as Chase McCain (an undercover detective), players move from mission to mission using disguises all in an attempt to stop the diabolical Rex Fury and put an end to his crime wave for good. Players will be able to not only run through the city, but drive and fly, all while using the Wii U pad as a high tech police gadget.

The Wii U pad can scan for hidden clues and criminals, get mission updates and place waypoints on an overhead city map that will display McCain’s position in real time. I’m not sure how successful these features are, as I didn’t get to use any of them during my demo, but they looked pretty fun in the video demo that was shown during the Nintendo presser. The challenge that I got to demo was the disguises mission (trying to find and use the right disguise for the right place and task). If you want Chase to open locked doors, you need to disguise him as a robber. If you wanted him to dynamite something, you need to disguise him as a miner. It was pretty easy stuff like that. The humor and parody that has been a staple of previous LEGO games is still present in this game (my demo ended with a shout out of sorts to a famous Italian plumber). Also promised to be a part of the game (but something I didn’t get to see), are more than 100 vehicles to collect and use throughout the game.

The release date for LEGO City: Undercover is for Holiday 2012, but since there hasn’t been a set date for the release of the Wii U yet I’m not sure how reliable that time frame is.