• 13Jun

    E3 2012 Preview: Pikmin 3

    The Pikmin are back in Pikmin 3, and this time players get to use the Wii U pad for an even more in depth experience. Players will still be taking control of the ant-like Pikmin to help the survive their world, which is packed with treasures and enemies alike. With the ability to aim at objects directly, players have better control over their tiny squads in a number of different ways.

    The Wii U pad gives players a greater ability to consider different strategies (although, using the Wii U is not mandatory for this game). The pad is an overhead map and radar to track the Pikmin actions in real time. Players also have the ability to switch between areas with the slide of a finger, giving them greater flexibility as a commander of multiple groups of Pikmin. Also with the use of the Wii U pad, the Pikmin are more ant-like in their movements, the world itself is in HD and there’s detailed overhead views making it easier to use your Pikmin. In addition to all of that, a new type of Pikmin has been added to the game. The Rock Pikmin bring more power and the ability to break through solid, hard shells and barriers that the regular Pikmin can’t get through.

    Something that they were really proud of at my demo that I thought was pretty unnecessary, was the replay feature after you complete each stage. Basically, you can replay everything you just played using the pad and a TV. You can fast-forward, rewind, pause and the like. I think it was added to give the players the ability to see where they could have handled a situation better, but for me it was a waste of time.

    At the time of my demo, there was no release date for the game but it is a Wii U release title.