E3 2012 Preview: Rayman Legends

Rayman: Legends is a game that makes full use of the new Wii U controller and it’s the one Wii U game I demoed that I actually felt utilized the pad well in conjunction with the Wii Remotes. The game makes use of the touch-based gameplay and gyroscope technology of the Wii U pad that made the experience more than my staring at a handheld device while the second player focuses solely on the TV. Even with my being super uncoordinated as far as the gyroscope went, this game was entertaining to both succeed and die in.

The graphics were very bright and detailed as Rayman, Globox and the Teensies galavanted around the both the TV and Wii U pad screens. I didn’t get much of the story side of the game when I played (we just jumped right into the action), but I gathered that Rayman, Globox and the Teensies are sucked into a painting that depicts a medieval land. The game is them trying to make their way through each world that the paintings being them to while discovering the secrets of each painting.

You can have up to a 5-player co-op by adding 4 Wii Remotes to the Wii U controller, and anyone can leave or join a game in progress without any gameplay interruption. In fact, you can keep playing the game on the Wii U without having to run it though the TV. The bosses in the game will be 3D while Rayman’s group stays 2D. There are even little timed challenges that you have to do in rhythm and time to the music and puzzles that really make you work as a team (I totally failed at it).

As of E3, Rayman: Legends did not have a release date.