E3 2012 Preview: Scribbleauts Unlimited

Scribblenauts is back with Scribblenauts Unlimited for the Wii U and it will feature more expansive gameplay and no limits on how the player uses his or her imagination within the game.

Still a side-scrolling game, Scribblenauts Unlimited features high-definition hand-drawn scenery and objects. Players will help the game’s hero, Maxwell, solve puzzles and challenges by creating any object they can imagine, just like the previous game. What’s different in this version is that players will be able to create their own original objects and assign those objects unique properties (while playing the demo, I was told someone earlier in the week had created a Bacon Unicorn just because they could). They will also be able share their creations with other players online, which can then be either further modified or used in game by the other players. 5th Cell has also added a backstory for Maxwell where players will learn about his parents, his twin sister Lily and how he got that magical notepad of his.

The game was pretty fun to demo and the Wii U pad definitely made it easier to write or draw the objects I wanted to use (I imagine trying to use the Wii nunchucks would have been a huge pain for this game). However, like with most of the integrated Wii U games, I still don’t understand why I need this mini screen connected to my TV screen. I spent all my time staring at the pad in my hands and never really looked up at the TV. It basically feels like a handheld without the convenience of it being portable. The concept of the game is as entertaining as it was with the original Scribblenauts and I won’t deny creating a RPG teddy bear to shoot a bullseye with was fun. As for the added backstory, I didn’t have a chance to get into that (we got wrapped up in customizing rocket ships) so I couldn’t say whether or not this is an added bonus to the game or something that didn’t really need to be added.

The release date for Scirbblenauts: Unlimited is currently Holiday 2012.