E3 2012 Preview: Sim City

I love to play simulation games and have control over operations whether it’s been a theme park, airport, household or a city. So when I had the chance to sit in and watch a demo of the new Sim City coming out for PC next Februrary, I jumped on it. Graphics wise the game looks absolutely beautiful. The interface and the way that the game looks overall has received a wonderful face lift. A lot of the upgrades can be attributed to the Glassbox engine which makes the entire world just look amazing, even down to finer details like stop lights changing.

But where you can see a lot of the changes is in the design interface for building your city. They said that the design for development was highly inspired from things like Google Maps, and that when they were developing the game they wanted to make sure things looked “cool.” This was demonstrated when they showed the building of more electrical grids and even building roads. It’s much easier to see the areas that need to be connected for utilities, and being able to make curved roads is fantastic.


The other key aspect that was shown was multiplayer. You can play a game with your friends where each of you has their own city and you can then band together to work on larger projects like International airports or a space shuttle station. Also anything that you do in your city can spread to your friends’ cities such as pollution or crime. It was facinating to see how this can spread based on the actions you take.

All in all this was a great demo, and I was sad to hear I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on it until next year.


I loved Sim City when I was younger...and now it looks even more awesome. I agree, I think the new look is pretty fantastic. I can also imagine my brother and I wreaking havoc in the multiplayer. Looks great!