E3 2012 Preview: Star Wars 1313

Before E3, I had heard some chatter about a new title from LucasArts that was named Star Wars 1313. At the time I wasn’t trusting anything from the rumor mill, but after E3 started and more info was coming out, as a Star Wars fan I got pretty excited. It seemed that just about everyone was raving over the game, so when my appointment time came, I entered with high hopes.

The room that we were taken into was made to look like the inside of a ship that was descending into Coruscant. It really set the mood for the presentation to come. We got a chance to see behind the scenes a bit into how LucasArts, Industrial Light & Magic, Skywalker Sound and Lucasfilm Animation Ltd. all are working together to make Star Wars 1313 one hell of a game. The insight into how deeply they were going into just using motion capture with the actors in order to get the most lifelike 3D character models was impressive enough, but then we got to watch a live gameplay demonstration.

Now, we were told that this was a pre-Alpha build, but I would have never known it based on what I saw. You play as a bounty hunter in Star Wars 1313, and there are no Jedis nor the Force to help you. Left alone with your own skills on Coruscant you need to make your own way. In the demo, they had replaced the main character with a generic demo character, but that was fine. Once the cut scene was over and we saw the beginnings of the story, you never would have known that it was over if you missed seeing the interface for your weapon and ammo coming up on the lower left hand corner of the screen. The MoCap and design of the game really shows how a large studio with the help of other specialized companies can come together to work on something awesome.

Now to be fair, we haven’t seen or heard much more about the game but honestly I think that Star Wars 1313 has great potential. It looks like it will be a great action adventure game, and I can’t wait to see more of this game as development moves forward!


I want this. I *want* this! :) It's going to be so refreshing to play in the Star Wars world, and not as a Jedi. Seems strange to hear that (I've never had anything against the Jedi, nor have I ever really thought about not playing as one), but it's true!