E3 Hands On: Skylanders Giants

We didn’t have an Activision appointment at E3 2012, but as I was walking by, I decided to see if I can get some hands on time with Skylanders Giants. We previously had Jackson review Skylanders and from what I know, Skylanders is a HUGE hit with kids (and probably some adults too).

Skylanders is a game where physical toys come to life in the game. There is a portal that you place your game character on and that instantly allows the player to play as that character. I learned at E3, that all characters, even the new ones, remember what level they are. So if you take your characters to a friend’s house, that little figure will know what level it’s at and you can play right away with it.

For Skylanders Giants, there are eight new collectible figures. They are called Giants for a reason, they are actually physically twice the size of regular skylanders. New characters will be released that have the ability to light up as they get near or placed onto the Portal of Power. Some familiar characters will be available in Series 2 release. This means that they will have a different look and will start out at Level 5. Series 2 characters will also have some additional abilities that their counterparts do not have.

These characters will feature integration so that players can use their characters in the online Universe as well.

While playing through the level, I enjoyed hulk smashing with our Tree Giant (don’t have the name) shown above. Giants are still based on elements.

One important point, is that the creators of the toys have a sincere desire to make this a fun to play game. There is a passion and an attention to detail that translates into the game. For this sequel Activision did not phone it in. Instead they have built upon a great concept, continued to improve on it and is working hard to make Skylanders Franchise a must have for every kid.

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