E3 Press Conferences in Images Day 1

Yesterday we got out the information but it lacked pictures. That’s because while I was typing, Keri was taking awesome pictures with my Cannon 5D Mark II. We decided to post all the pictures from Day 1 together for your enjoyment. That means pictures from Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony press conferences. What did you think of the conferences? Any clear winner?

At Microsoft, visually we enjoyed their stage. In the pictures take a look at the side panels,which really integrated well with the content. At EA, we were pretty high up and there may even be a camera in some of the shots. Their live stream had a video camera moving constantly in our view. At Sony we had decent seats and they also had great presentation with their games. I believe there is a God of War Ascension shot that is awesome.

Hope you enjoy these pictures. We’ll be posting more pics from the show floor later!