E3 Preview: NBA Baller Beats & Zumba Fitness Core

NBA Baller Beats is a brand new title for Majesco. The package will come with an official Spalding basketball and the game. NBA Baller Beats works with the Kinect and at E3, it seemed to be able to track the player very well.

Players first choose a team they want to be on. Then they can pick an official court to play on. The difficulty settings are rookie,pro and baller. I believe their might be a trickster mode as well.

You aren’t going to just pretend to play basketball though. This is a pure exercise in dribbling and ball handling skills. Game moves are put to over 30 licensed tracks. A ball means just to dribble, and a move like pump fake will show up on the right hand side to show that the move is coming up. You’ll be doing crossovers, pump fakes, flow dribble and more moves.

Keri got to play this title and it definitely was a workout! I would suggest that you think about the floor you are playing on. For example, to play this on my wooden floors, I would probably set down a mat first. But carpet does increase the challenge of dribbling.

Zumba Fitness Core uses music to get you moving! It’s a new title in the Zumba franchise.

It’s no secret how much I love the Zumba workout games. I use it as workout and so does my mom. The songs get you moving and the moves are not difficult to learn. But after 60 minutes, you will be drenched in sweat.

Melissa, who is also on the cover, explained to us that Zumba Fitness Core focuses entirely on the core. Majesco did a survey of women and the feedback was that the area they were most concerned about was the core. In Zumba Fitness Core, all the moves are created in such a way that you are automatically using your core and abs.

This title has a mixture of new dance styles. In fact there are over 30 and they include Brazilian Funk, Jive, Disco, Western and Bollywood. Some songs mix multiple types of moves in one song to mix things up.

The menu system is the same. You choose your workout mode, length of workout and then your songs. There is still a calorie counter included as well.

Keri also danced away in Zumba Fitness, and the feedback is the next day she was extremely sore. That was only from one song too! Zumba Fitness Core is expected this October. Just in time to keep off that holiday weight and work on that tummy for spring.


Does this mean the world won't see me making a fool of myself after all?