EA E3 2012 Press Conference

John started the show with stating that we’ll see 10 developers showing 10 great games. Going to show how games have evolved from game you buy to what you end up playing. Start with Dead Space 3 trailer.

Visceral Games is on stage to talk about Dead Space 3 that will have new characters and drop in/drop out co-op. They are featuring a live co-op demo. Have to admit, I’m scared that I will jump in my seat while watching them play. I’m a huge scaredy cat when it comes to Dead Space franchise. Dead Space 3 is coming February 2013.

Madden NFL 13 trailer with a Raven’s star that I don’t know the name of. Brand new infinity engine to deliver run-time physics creating hits and falls that look authentic. Players physical attributes are a part of the game more than before. Connected Careers mode has social integration. Michael Irving comes out to talk about making plays. Can be a player, create your own player, or be a coach. Can use XP to upgrade abilities. Virtual Twitter feed for your players. Michael is pretty funny and natural speaking with Cam about Madden 13.

Maxis is up next with the awesome Lucy Bradshaw. SimCity Social is coming to Facebook. Will be out in a few weeks. An all new SimCity is coming to pc. SimCity will be multiplayer for the first time. The choices you make affects the cities all around you. SimCity is coming February 2013.

Peter Moore is coming to the stage to talk Battlefield 3. 1.6 trillion bullets have been fired since launch. DICE announced Battlefield 3 Premium. That features new maps (20) and new weapons. Also exclusive dog tags will be made for Premium members. There will be five shooter expansion packs coming over the next 9 months. Battlefield 3 Premium is $49.95 available today and can play Close Quarters now (two weeks before others).

Bioware is taking the stage to talk The Old Republic. Over 1 million players logged in on day 1, making it the largest MMO launch. Adding more PVP warzones, and higher level content. New companions, and new species will be added. Level caps will be increased and a new planet will be added, adding more content/story. Starting this July, everyone can play The Old Republic up to level 15 for free.

Halfway through the conference……

Medal of Honor Warfighter is the next title EA is going to talk about. Every mission has a connection to an actual event or a real life hotspot. Introducing Global Warfighters for multiplayer. We’ll take a deeper dive on this on the floor. Release date is October 23, 2012.

EA Sports is coming back to talk about connecting every game you play with every device you play on. Madden 13 social launches this fall. Focused look on FIFA. There are 11 million people in EA Sports Football club. FIFA 12 members will have their levels carry over for FIFA 13.

I’m totally surprised by this… UFC left THQ and went to EA Sports. Dana is here to talk about a multi year and multi game product now with EA Sports. Dana is talking about UFC as the fastest growing sport in the world which is why he wants to team up with EA Sports. Man, do I want to talk to Dana to get his thoughts on changing companies and what EA can do for the UFC game.

Need for Speed Most Wanted is next up. It will be an open world driving game to compete and be most wanted by their friends. Comparing race times, pursuits and jumps. Nice touch going through the Criterion Games billboard in the demo. Release date is October 30th, 2012.

Ending the show is Crysis 3 from Crytek. There will be adaptive warfare in a sandbox title. Demo is showing many different weapons/attacks. Release date is February 2013.

There it is, the EA E3 2012 press conference, the Download.