Fantasy Friday: I Should Research Before I Buy

I walked in bought my copy of Gravity Rush, then I was asked if I wanted to pre-order LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, since I was discussing it on my way into GameStop. I was in a spending mood, so I said “sure for the Vita.” Big mistake.

I like playing on a handheld, but I’ll go into that next week. However, when I buy a game, I want the game to be the best it can be, whether it succeeds at that is another thing. Turns out the Vita game is a chopped down version of the console version, and a DS port nonetheless.

I don’t care about the open world aspect, even though the excuse they gave for omitting it was stupid. Look at Gravity Rush, which has an open world, it is untrue the system can’t handle the open world. Even though I don’t care about open-world aspects for every game, other people do. The consoles also have more costumes for Robin and Batman than the handheld versions, so why couldn’t those be converted over?

Another epic fail of the Vita version is the graphics. When I booted up the game and the opening cut-scene started I thought I needed to go grab my glasses because the visuals are so blurry. What was the excuse for not improving upon DS graphics? The loading screen is sharp, and the in-game graphics are horrible, so why slack on the cut-scenes.

The actual game is fun; it stays true to the LEGO franchise. The handheld got an extra mode to make up for the deficiencies. Justice League mode puts players into an arena battle against the villains. Depending on how frequently you die, you can earn gold, silver or bronze. In theory it isn’t a bad idea and it adds to replayability, but the execution is terrible. The least successful aspect of the LEGO franchise—the battle mechanics, are exposed to all its flaws in Justice League mode. Delayed response to buttons and hard to control ranged shooting. It is frustrating and not fun at all. I only kept trying to earn the trophy and my platinum, but the mode has soured my perception of the rest of the game. I don’t want to go back to now because I’m filled up with anger.

I should have just bought the PS3 version and enjoyed what the game should have been on the Vita. I take too much pride in my game collection and don’t want to trade it in. I just want a comparable experience on whatever platform I decide to buy the game on.

Next time I’ll wait before I buy.




OMG the same thing happened to me! I physically cannot watch the cut scenes because the blurriness hurts my eyes. Effing ridiculous for the Vita.


 @crunchychocobo Yeah if they were going to port the game they should have ported over the PS3 version it makes more sense to me. But what do I know about programming and game design.