Getting ready for E3 2012

Hi everyone! Everyone at GamingAngels is getting ready to bring you the latest information from E3 2012. This year attending E3 will be Stephanie (@stealthyslyth), Keri (@crunchychocobo), Summer (@UziSuzuki) and myself (@GamingAngel). We won’t be live tweeting from the press conferences but if the wi-fi is okay, we may live blog from them. We’ll have to see. One can never tell how the wi-fi or the various phone networks will hold up. I know last year I cussed out AT&T at every press conference.

Here is the Press Conference schedule:
-Monday, 9:30 AM PDT: Microsoft Press Conference
-Monday 1:00 PM PDT: Electronic Arts Press Conference
-Monday, 3:00 PM PDT: Ubisoft Press Conference
-Monday, 6:00 PM PDT: Sony Press Conference
-Tuesday, 9 AM PDT: Nintendo Press Conference

Our team will be bringing you photos, interviews,and coverage of the newest announced and unannounced games on the floor of E3. We have some appointments with peripheral companies, social/mobile games, and an AR drone. We hope to give you a varied look at what’s at E3.

This year we will be on location and staying on location which means more time to write and update the site with our impressions/photos. We hope that you enjoy our coverage and if you want us to cover anything in particular please tweet us with your ideas! If you are excited about something, talk about it on our Facebook Fan page. We’ll be updating the site with photos from our Flickr site as well as on our Instagram.

Here are some of the things I’ve learned from past E3 conferences:

  • You can’t cover it all. As much as we want to bring you everything, we are only four of us and there is only so much we can do.
  • Make sure to eat. This year I’ve made sure we have time for lunch (which I usually leave to each writer to figure out between appointments.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. I know it’s tempting to wear those heels, but trust me four days is a long time when it’s pretty much standing all the time. Hurt your ankles on the first day and you’ll be hating life the entire con.
  • Factor in time to travel to appointments. It’s really difficult to group appointments by hall. So instead I just make sure we have enough time to travel to the next appointment. Some appointments we can even do our write up after.
  • Drink water. Constantly
  • Just because there is an open bar, make sure you don’t over do it. PR people are still watching you and will remember what outlet you are from.
  • Never wear gaming clothing to E3. More than just being “that guy” it’s tacky to show up to a company’s appointment wearing a competitor shirt. Awkwaaaard.
  • Shower. I never understand how a group of professionals still don’t shower. This shouldn’t be like any regular con, but by day 3 it sure stinks like one.
  • Don’t expect swag. This one kills me. This isn’t a consumer conference. Companies are here to give us information that we can relay to you, our readers. But every year I see people running over each other for a chance at a tshirt. I’ll leave that behind and spend my time with the games and developers.
  • Use hand wash. Last year I got sick right at the beginning of E3. Like deathly ill. This year, I am going to prevent by constantly using antibacterial soap every 5.5 seconds.
  • Have fun. The show is really hard. You are running to and from appointments, up all night podcasting or writing and sometimes you forget how much fun this is too. Then on Thursday you look back and wish it wasn’t over.