Microsoft E3 Press Conference


Keri and I sat down at the Microsoft Press Conference with the green stage shining brightly in front of us. There are quite a few Kinects laid out which may indicate that the press conference will be Kinect heavy. We’re ready to get this show on the road.

Here we go…. trailer starts the show. Starting with Halo 4 trailer. The trailer is beautiful, we’ll have to post it here later. No real cheers for Master Chief. Is this the E3 audience being more professional? They are showcasing actual gameplay. It’s a pretty long demo, we’ll have to see if we can get Keri on it on the show floor. Release date is 11-6-12.

Don Mattrick is on stage to make the intros to the press conference. Hi Xbox live viewers! Looks like today is only about Xbox 360 and not the new console. This holiday they are going to be bringing Xbox console to phone, pc and tablets (probably more info on this later).

Next up is a trailer from Ubisoft Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Blacklist. Sam Fischer has to capture and interrogate a terrorist to hope to stop the attack. Interesting bullet time being used. They call it “killing in motion” – ability to kill while moving fluidly. It will have single player, co-op and spies vs mercenaries. Release date of Spring 2013.

Madden NFL and Fifa will become “better with Kinect” as EA Sports gets on the stage. Fifa 13 with Kinect allows you to command the action on the pitch without interrupting the game. Using this to make substitutions or formations without pausing the action or going through menus. Available this fall on the Xbox 360. For Madden 13, “it’s their biggest update to Madden ever”. Joe Montana comes out to talk Madden with us. Madden now will have voice commands integrated and Joe is going to play with the calls. He calls a flip run with a set hike. He can actually call out an individual player with the call. That’s kindof impressive. Joe Montana scores a touchdown with the 49ers. Kinect voice control will work on offense and defense.

Next up is Fable – The Journey. Looks like you are the player and it’s going to use Kinect to do attacks/spells. Due out Holiday 2012. Odd that Fable display was sooo short.

Phil Spencer comes out to discuss Xbox games. New Gears of War trailer is shown. Epic Games always makes the best trailers integrated well with music. Gears of War Judgement will be out 2013. Then is the Forza Horizon trailer. Complete with dubstep. October 23, 2012 is the release date for Forza.

Now Microsoft is going to talk about integrated entertainment. They added 200 million new movies, tv shows and other entertainment on Xbox. Starting this fall you will be able to watch by genre. You say it and Xbox finds it. You can choose what provider you want to watch the content from. Bing search will be expanded to 12 more countries. Make sure to search for GamingAngels! For all gaming families, they are adding Nick. Also adding Paramount and Machinima. Which is huge for them! Microsoft has added the NBA to Xbox. League pass will bring you over 2400 games. Next season the NHL is coming to Xbox as well. Watch ESPN will provide access to all the ESPN channels.

Music announcement…..drum roll…the launch of Xbox Music. Over 30 million music tracks with a way to share and discover new music. Another announcement about Kinect partners..a fitness company. Creating program – Time Commitment is splashed on the screen.
Nike is on stage to talk about their facilities and how they help athletes. They want to bring innovation and inspiration to athletes everywhere. And they believe you are an athlete. Today they are announcing Nike + Kinect training to your home. Uses the same assessment, training that they offer their athletes. There is instant feedback and reminders to your phone when you need to get your ass to your Kinect. ^_^ You can challenge people on Nike and Xbox live. It’s coming this holiday, 2012.

Next up is a discussion on how your devices should work together. Xbox Smartglass transforms devices you already use (android and ipad devices included, not just windows devices). Can send a movie from your tablet to the screen with a touch. Smartglass changed the tablet to have information about the movie. An example is shown with a Game of Thrones trailer and the tablet shows a map so you can see just how far Jon Snow is from the Wall. Game companies also want to use this. Sports can use to make play calls on a tablet. Shows how in Halo 4 you can see Halo Waypoint content on your tablet as it unlocks. Xbox Smartglass might be the smartest move Microsoft will announce today. Tune into our podcast tomorrow to hear our opinions on why we think so. Smartphone can be used as a remote for your 360 screens. Microsoft is finally making the ability to browse the web through Internet Explorer on your Xbox. He used the control “Xbox Web hub”. You can control the webpage using your phone or tablet to scroll through the content and click links. Xbox Smartglass app and Internet Explorer for Xbox will launch this fall.

Xbox Games on Windows 8 will bring Xbox to your Windows Mobile and tablet devices. Earning achievements on the go.

Next up is Tomb Raider. We’re watching a dramatic action sequence. No Kinect inegration shown yet. I still don’t know why I am so irritated by her cry. It sounds so helpless which doesn’t fit her character. I’d rather see her curse than cry out. We’ll talk more about this at our Square Enix appointment. Tomb Raider will be available first exclusively on Xbox 360.

Now we’re talking about world premier exclusives. Signal Studios is doing multiplayer gameplay on the Xbox 360 and Windows phone – Ascend new Gods coming 2013. Lococycle is next coming in 2013 – no real details there. The director of Pirates and the Carribean is working on some sort of rollerball/puzzle game called Matter and it’s made for Kinect in 2013.

Capcom is showing the latest on Resident Evil 6.

To talk Xbox Live, Alex Ruiz comes on the stage. Wreckateer uses Kinect and will be exclusive to Xbox Live. It uses your avatar at least in the mode shown. It launches this Summer.

South Park trailer starts on the screen. Looks like you make a character and play in the South Park RPG. The Stick of Truth comes March 5, 2013. Trey Parker and Matt Stone walk on the stage. They want to make a game that felt like you were in an episode of South Park. They worked with Obsedian to create the game. You play as the new kid in town and trying to join the South Park group.

Harmonix trailer shows Dance Central 3. Usher worked with the team using the dance moves for Harmonix. Usher is actually on stage!!! He’s performing his latest song…looking hot of course.

They are closing with showing the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 special content.

That is the end of the show! Here is the kick off of E3 2012! What did you think about what was announced? Listen to what we think tomorrow morning on our podcast!

<3 GamingAngels E3 team!