‘Plants Vs Zombies’ Pre-Order Bonus Coming to ‘Sims 3’

So that game you’ve played on every medium, yes I’m talking Plants Vs  Zombies, is bursting into Sims 3 Supernatural.  If you pre-order the Sims expansion pack through Origin, you get a special Plants vs Zombies decor pack, in addition to the limited edition content already announced.  If you don’t want to order from Origin, pre-ordering the game from any other place will also get you a special limited addition pack that includes the Plants Vs Zombies content.

The content pack allows players to ward off zombies with the iconic pea-shooter from the popular game. You can also dress your character like zombies to create the whole zombie invasion feel.

People who pre-order directly from Origin get extra decor items including: Eerie plantern lamp, bug-eyed wall-nut sculptures, zombie gnomes and a brain flag sculpture.

So get ready to have a zombified Sims world.


@gamingangel I remember when you can buy The Sims and not require 50 expansion packs to get some content into the game.