Scrapbooking the geeky way

I have a new hobby. Not sure when I’ll have time for it, but I’m fascinated and I’m going to give it a go. Scrapbooking is a hobby typically thought of as a way to showcase pictures in a book. Move over photo albums, each scrapbook page can have a theme, fancy text and embellishments around the picture. But scrapbooking has gone beyond things you want to put in a photo album. I’ve made a few cards already (one steampunk card which was fun to make), and I’m learning new techniques for making a journal or gift books.

Because all of my hobbies take away time from GamingAngels, I thought I would actually take this one and feature my findings and my creations on GamingAngels. Maybe coercing a few of you to do the same. I have a couple of scrapbook orders coming in so this week I thought I would feature items or ideas I’ve found online that are video game themed. Every week may have a new theme or technique depending on how I’m feeling. It may also be a video of what cool new things I got in the mail. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to create as well.

Coming off of E3, video games are still on my mind. If you wanted to, you could capture video games in many different ways.

First up is classic board game themes. I love the idea of using Scrabble tiles in scrapbooking. You can place them on top of any themed paper (maybe something that looks like a game board and spell out words. Great for capturing a game night with friends. They are made of wood and measure .75″ x .75″. There are another set of Scrabble Letters here and one package includes 40 letters.

This Monopoly board page is AWESOME. Although you can’t tell from the pic, it actually is a special page that has foil on it. The foil adds that touch of bling that will make any pictures pop. If you can find the die-cuts for the Monopoly pieces that would make this an outstanding scrapbook project!

Now comes the video games. I found that has the largest collection of scrapbooking materials no matter what theme you are looking for. They even have Colorguard items!

The gaming paper featured in this post is a great background piece for a gaming event. It doesn’t appear to be part of a kit, so you will only get those colors. Also doesn’t say if it’s two sided. My guess is that it isn’t.

The stickers are awesome! It’s a 4×6 paper that has about 20 dimensional stickers. This means that some may have some texture or layered ability without putting a sticker dot behind it. Making it “pop” from the background.

I haven’t used stamps yet in scrapbooking, but this one is totally cute. The Bedtime Bandit Girl looks like she’s supposed to be asleep but is sneaking in some game time. This was definitely me at a young age. The stamp could actually be used on a variety of backgrounds particularly if you are trying to capture stamps for that young geek girl.

Hope you like my first installment of geeky scrapbooking. I’d love to hear from you if you are addicted to scrapbooking to and any images of things you have made. Also, if you have a challenge for me to find for next week’s post, let me know!


This is very cool. I already have enough craft projects taking up my time, or I might join you--the card making possibilities are enormously fun! I can't wait to see what you do.