Showstoppers Showcase – A look at GameCapture


On Tuesday night, I attended the Showstoppers Showcase event at E3. The showcase allows us press to meet with various companies for a more intimate discussion about the products that the companies have to offer. It also gives them time to find out more about us at GamingAngels. The first company I’ll be writing about is Elgato.

Elgato’s product is the GameCapture. GameCapture is a gameplay capturing device that every gaming website or gaming vlogger needs. Capturing glitches, filming portions of a game for review, or just cutting video together to put on YouTube. A gameplay capturing device is a much needed gadget. Problem with current devices is a high cost along with bulky hardware that may work inconsistently.

The GameCapture is a small, thin device that can connect to the PS3 and Xbox 360. To use, plug the device into your console and the other end into a laptop or desktop. The product works with Mac OS X and PC – Windows 7.2 device.

GameCapture is not only hardware, but also software. One uses the software on the laptop to select when to start or end recording. It also has some beginning editing abilities. You will need to export it to an editing software to add a title or your logo to the video. Although GameCapture representatives say that it is something to include in the next software release or update. You can also upload to all social networking sites as well as download the video for further editing.

The device and the software come together in one package. It can be ordered on their site or for about $199. GameCapture is definitely a gadget that we look forward to trying out for and doing a full review on in the future.